by IronBoltBruce


I thought it was all about money
And the power that it buys;
But it’s about a depleted planet
And with what who survives.

It’s simple mathematics,
Dividing what by who;
They can’t make more resources,
But they can make less of you.

Forget the genocide of Third World
Warlords, U.S. trained;
It’s nothing next to body counts
For corporations’ gain.

Depopulation: Fighting unjust wars
Where suicide
Takes more of best and bravest than
Those lost to other side.


Depopulation: Firing drones
Puts innocents at risk,
And from those terrorized will come
Next wave of terrorists.

Depopulation: Fracking earth
With biocides that spoil
The water in our aquifers:
High price for gas and oil.

Depopulation: Filling air
With carcinogens that kill;
Those who survive to sterilize
By design, against their will.

Depopulation: Flooding seas
With wastes they can’t degrade;
Toxins poison source of life
‘Til life no more is made.


Depopulation: Financing
Both sides of “War on Drugs”;
With CIA as pusher man
And DEA-armed thugs.

Depopulation: Feigning
Homosexual approbation;
Stealthfully engendering
Voluntary sterilization.

Depopulation: Fattening up
The tech-sedated masses
With GMO: Accelerating
Aging as it passes.

Depopulation: Fragmenting
Have-Nots to Left and Right;
Against elite assassins
Never able to unite…


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Sólo nos quedará el vacío

… es un alien que se alimenta de lo que fosilizó el pasado en el que no existíamos; cuando se marche, tapará su agujero como un gato que no quiere que le husmeen lo que se ha tragado. No nos quedarán ni las migajas. El vacío, como de costumbre.

José Luis López Hidalgo, Entre el Ebro y el Rudrón


El petróleo suscita grandes emociones y grandes pasiones, porque el petróleo es sobre todo una gran tentación. Es una tentación de enormes sumas de dinero fácil, de riqueza y de fuerza, de fortuna y poder. Es un líquido sucio y apestoso que brota alegre hacia lo alto para luego caer sobre la tierra en forma de lluvia de hermosos billetes (…) Y es que el petróleo crea la ilusión de una vida completamente diferente, una vida sin esfuerzo, una vida gratis.“Ryszard Kapuściński